Tracking Outdoor Exercise with Endomondo

I’m not usually a fan of high-tech gadgetry, but I love this app.

Endomondo is $4.99 at the Google Play store and according to their website, it is the “highest rated app of it’s kind and is ideal for running, cycling, walking or any other type of distance-based activity.” It works on smartphones with GPS capability.

Basically, it keeps track of your workouts as well as specific information about each one — distance, average speed, calories burned, altitude, total ascent/descent, hydration and time. You enter what activity you’re doing (walking, running, hiking, etc), hit the start button and it does the rest. It will give you an estimated number of calories burned depending on your chosen activity and your speed.

It even works if you’re out of cellphone range, as long as your GPS is working (it probably won’t work well in dense bush with overhead branches). If you’re out of range, your tracking map won’t be as specific (ie. road names might be missing), but your distance, altitude and speed will still record.

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to use it. I enjoy using it to track my hiking and outdoor exercise.  I find that it encourages me to get out more because I enjoy seeing what I’ve accomplished all in one place. You can go to the Endomondo website where you can set up a profile, add friends, join challenges, compete with friends and share your activity on facebook. Or you can just challenge yourself, like I do.

If you’re really hardcore, you can upgrade to Endomondo Premium for $2.99/month. You get a few extras like Heart Rate Zones, Weather Information, Peer Benchmark, etc., but for what I use it for, it’s not worth it. If you’re thinking about using Endomondo, start with the application and if you feel the need to go hardcore later on, go for the Premium subscription.

Below, is a hike that I tracked with Endomondo through Awenda Provincial Park (click to enlarge).

My hike through Awenda Provincial Park with Endomondo

My hike through Awenda Provincial Park with Endomondo


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